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Costa Replaces DiPierro

Former Ward 3 Councilor Anthony DiPierro, who resigned in disgrace, was replaced Monday night with Darren Costa, the runner-up in Ward 3 in the November election.

Costa made his debut into the fractious Everett political arena at city hall with a memorable opening speech and with actions that befit someone who had been serving for quite some time rather than being a novice newcomer feeling uncomfortable or shy.

Costa was assertive, businesslike, and to the point.

He speaks with clarity and his booming voice resonates with his authority.

He has quite a presence. It was obvious from the moment he opened his mouth.

He participated throughout Monday night’s erratic and inconclusive session.

In his own way, he let it be known he will be his own man. He will not be badgered about by his colleagues, and he pledged that he will treat everyone with respect, and that he will not suffer fools at all.

In a world of thesis and anti-thesis, he represents the polar opposite of DiPierro.

Costa’s appointment brings the most refreshing new face we have witnessed coming to the council since Stephanie Smith was elected.

Right now, Costa is a voice of one. But it is likely he will attract others to his way of thinking about a variety of issues that concern the people of Everett.

He will be especially adamant about inclusiveness. He brings a special awareness about race relations to the council because his is a mixed race family.

For several months, he had become one of the powerful new voices raising awareness about the inequities that are part of the Everett existence with comments made during public speaking sessions before council meetings.

We doubt Costa is the type of guy who will promise his vote for an on merit appointment, as two of his colleagues did for Monday’s meeting, and then they left the council chamber so they didn’t have to keep their word or cast their vote.

Costa declined to vote for a number of appointments Monday night. He didn’t feel it was proper to be voting for people he did not know in positions he understands very little about.

That was an action to notice and to admire.

Costa will stand for the rights of Everett men, women and children.

He presents a tremendous contrast to DiPierro’s recklessness, conniving and racism.

He will find that attitudes don’t change easily in Everett or on the council.

We wish Darren Costa the best.

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