Costa Sworn In As Ward 3 Councilor Replaces DiPierro Who Resigned

Leader Herald Staff

Darren Costa was sworn in as a city councilor from Ward 3 by a unanimous 9-0 vote of the city council Monday night.

City Clerk Sergio Cornelio delivered the oath of office while Costa’s young son, Luca, clambered about, tugging at him, and adding a bit of family to the proceedings.

Costa made short but concise and thoughtful comments thanking his family for their aid and support and thanking those as well who aided him in making his run for office last year.

“A special gratitude to all the residents of Ward 3. I’m passionate about my community. Thank you Farah and Luca, my beautiful wife and son,” he said.

Costa’s pregnant wife, Farah, stood by his side.

He also pledged to work with and to respect his colleagues.

He received a noisy ovation when the swearing in was completed.

Darren Costa being sworn in by City Clerk Sergio Cornelio as Costa’s son, Luca, competes with his father and as his mother, Farah, looks on.

Costa is a CPA.

He will likely bring his knowledge of finances to the city council when spending matters come up for discussion.

He is also a young father and his wife a young mother, making their lives in Everett, and enjoying the city’s diversity.

The Costa’s join Councilor Stephanie Smith and her husband and young children as a new breed of younger councilors with families wishing for Everett to be the kind of welcoming and nurturing place that it must be to step into the future.

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