Public Speakers Dominate Council

Leader Herald Staff

The following are a collection of comments from a number of public speakers, all from Everett, who came before the council Monday night to register their dissatisfaction with government and to tell their story.

Tony Raymond:

“Get used to us. We are not going away.”

Maria Bussell:

“I ask that my comments do not lead to retaliation against me and the city job I hold.”

Paul Ryan:

“Did you know how I’ve been treated by officials in this city?”

Reverend Mimi and Pastor Paul:

“We are being harassed. We are being discriminated against. We are tired. We have come to the point we are afraid to walk on the streets. A member of the city council in Everett shouldn’t be able to do as she pleases. No one is above the law. Move the food distribution (from the church on Church Street) to someplace else. My family and I feel unsafe. We are tired of being mistreated.”

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