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Summer Demands Salad Simplicity

By Josh Resnek

Hot meals always have their place.

But simple salad solutions for a groaning stomach require an added touch during the summer months.

Let’s face it, salads are super if you like them.

If you can’t get a salad down or don’t consider it proper for a lunch, then don’t read this.

I am always searching for the quickest, most delicious and sensible salad options during the summer months.

I don’t like to spend longer than 10-12 minutes putting together a quick treat. I like to also keep down the cost. It is a game in certain ways.

The salad concoction accompanying this article as shown with a photograph is a feast, if you ask me.

All you need is Arugula and iceberg lettuce, shards of fresh white onion, one avocado sliced properly, sliced cherry tomatoes that are sweet and zesty with juice and flavor and the meat additive.

I don’t eat much processed food but I love very thinly sliced Boar’s Head imported low sodium ham wrapped around mild Boar’s Head provolone (which is basically low sodium) cheese and then sliced into bits that look a bit like a pinwheel.

All that done takes about 8 minutes if you have the ingredients available.

I also enjoy, as so many of us who love food tend to do, is mixing colors and plating the food just so.

The salad dressing takes several minutes.

I chop a clove of fresh garlic and pour Italian oil into a small cup, and then Italian Balsamic vinegar into that cup and then some fresh oregano, salt and cracked pepper. I mix that up and pour it onto the salad.


A great summer salad treat!

Try it out. An almost really healthy treat to eat.

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