“We’re back and want to make new friends,” said John Mattuchio, owner of the Scrubbing Board on Hancock Street. (Photo by Joseph Resnek)

The Scrubbing Board

By Josh Resnek

The Scrubbing Board, the city’s oldest laundromat is also Everett’s most advanced, and in more ways than you can imagine.

The Hancock Street landmark owned by the Mattuchio Family for four generations has undergone a major evolutionary jump into the second decade of the 21st Century.

The brains behind the family owned business is John Mattuchio, the 78 year old owner of the property and the landmark, which has served thousands of Everett residents as a laundromat since 1958.

The all new laundromat, redone entirely inside and out during the past year, is a fully automated, state of the art facility with enough stainless steel to create a perpetual shine inside the spotless interior.

The Dexter machinery is self-sterilizing, virtually germ free, as clean as a modern laundromat can be, before you do your laundry at the Scrubbing Board.

There is no charge for pre-sterilization.

“And we are the only laundromat in the city to take EBT cards, every debit card, credit card and we even have our own charge cards,” said Mattuchio.

Customers will find prices at the Scrubbing Board an advantage. The cleanliness of the location along with its environmentally sound construction make it a one off in the Everett laundromat community.

A 20 pound machine costs right now $5.00 for the load.

You can dry it for $1.00. The 80 pound load is $12.

You can dry it for $3.

If you are lazy like this writer, you can drop your load and have it washed dried and folded for $1 a pound.

Only Tide and Gains detergents are used. Delivery is free. So is pickup.

“We don’t use bulk laundry detergents with containers that end up in landfills,” Mattuchio pointed out.

“We have no plastic containers. We are environmentally sound,” he added.

Three huge flat screen televisions and free Internet service is provided.

“You can even have a cup of coffee if you like,” Mattuchio said.

The laundromat is air conditioned.

For those waiting for their laundry, there are comfortable leather chairs.

All the clothing carts are specially made to be germ free antimitrovial carts.

The Scrubbing Board offers all stainless steel folding tables.

“We’re back. We’re happy to be back. We’re looking forward to making new friends in the city,” Mattuchio said.

Mattuchio’s late parents, Josephine and Louis, founded the laundromat when they bought the building in 1964.

From that time on the Mattucchio’s have run it, managed it and have grown it.

In 1979, John took over the Scrubbing Board.

Mattuchio has had a varied and interesting business life marked by hard work, smart work and success.

He trained as a hairdresser as a much younger man. He owned Mr. John’s Beauty Salon, which morphed into Hair Forum and was located in the building where the laundromat is today at 108 Hancock Street.

“I was 36 when I took over the business from my parents. I built up the business. I was ambitious. I had a vision. I went into the wholesale side of it,” he told the Leader Herald.

He was also the Director of the Massachusetts Division of Registration until he retired in 2000. The largest part of the Scrubbing Board’s business are the many larger vendors that the Scrubbing Board serves in the area.
With larger vendors like the Chelsea Soldiers

Home and with state contracts, the Scrubbing Board picks up, cleans and delivers tons and tons of laundry during the year.

This includes bed sheets, clothing, pillow cases, mattress pads, “everything you have in your home we service,” Mattuchio said.

With 14 employees and still growing, Mattuchio is proud of his family’s business achievement.

“We are back and we are going to be around for a long, long time,” he told the Leader Herald.

Need your clothing cleaned – try out the Scrubbing Board.

Do you have a larger business with commercial laundry cleaning needs, Scrubbing Board should be your first call.

There is no place like it in the city.

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