Returning to Yesterday

The Supreme Court’s decision last week overturning Roe v Wade is a reminder to us of the power of the political and legal system by which we have lived since 1789 to assert control over our lives.

The right to abortion has been compromised by the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to allow states to decide whether or not abortion is allowed.

The perception among Americans who favored Roe v Wade is that the Supreme Court made a political decision.

The Supreme Court has not always stood for the rights of Americans.

In this instance, it has rejected the former legal judgment that stood for 50 years that women have the right to control their lives and to do with themselves and their bodies what they determine as free Americans.

Millions of women across the nation feel deserted by the Supreme Court’s decision.

Abortion is a topic that pits men and women who favor it over those who deplore it.

The Supreme Court did not make its ruling determined by who is for it and who is against.

Had it done this, Roe v Wade would have remained standing as far more Americans support abortion than are opposed to it.

From 1789 until 1954, the Supreme Court was notoriously segregationist, upholding the separate but equal doctrines that perpetuated second class citizenship for the nation’s Black men, women and children.

Then came a defining moment in the modern history of the court. In the matter of the 1954 case, Brown v Board of Education, the Supreme Court found that educating Blacks and whites in separate schools was unconstitutional.

Everyone in America’s public schools were to be educated side by side in the same facilities as a matter of law as a result of this decision in 1954.

This was a step forward in the long fight for all people to be treat- ed equally in this nation.

Reversing Roe v Wade is a step backward.

Roe v Wade should have remained untouched.

Society does not want unwanted children.

Society does not care for unwanted children.

Our society unwillingly provides bare necessities for unwanted children.

Women should have control over their bodies and minds. Celebrating life is not constructively improved by overturning Roe v Wade. It is just the opposite.

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