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Treats I Love That Make Life Worth Living And Some Food Worth Eating

By Josh Resnek


The treats described in this article are not necessarily part of a healthy diet…but they sure do taste good, go down smoothly, and totally satisfy.

Let me begin with my new pas- sion – Pepperidge Farm Very Thin White Bread.

The slices of bread are so thin that eating two of them with butter and jam – well – there is no way to eat such a treat and get fat from eating it.

I hate thick bread, heavy bread, doughy bread and on and on.

If you share this distaste for bulky bread products then Pepperidge Farm White Very Thin is the way to go.

What do I put on toasted Very White Thin?

Irish butter – so good. And French raspberry preserves – so good it is impossible to do without, especially if you like raspberry.

So many raspberry products are fake or ill-tasting and poorly manufactured with crap products and artificial sweeteners.

I also make sandwiches with Very Thin White – egg salad and chicken salad. So good. So easy. So not fat producing with the thin bread.

Recently I have taken up two desserts as my favorites.

I’ve gone off Oreo Double Stuff and Milano milk chocolate cookies.

I’ve morphed to Friendly’s vanilla and chocolate mix ice cream. This is sort of a return to yesterday as I grew up with Friendly’s ice cream – more Friendly’s than Brigham’s – and then went on to fancier ice creams but have now returned to Friendly’s.

Friendly’s is rich and smooth, familiar and just right because of that familiarity.

Add to that small scoop of Friendly’s vanilla-chocolate double treat and a rich tall, thick squirt of Reddi Whip Whipped Cream, well, when you dig into that it is again, an incredible taste rush. Cold. Smooth. Sweet. Different textures – an all around mountain of joy.

Reddi Whip isn’t that bad for you. It is like eating air.

I have recently also grown addicted to a Hostess product.

Cinnamon Twist.

I’ve mentioned this before but I feel I must delve into this treat again.

I grew up on Twinkies. My mother gave me Twinkies every day when she packed my lunch for school.

I have not recently tried Twinkies, which I haven’t tasted in years, for fear of becoming addicted to them.

Back to the Hostess Cinnamon Twist with an ice cold glass of fat free milk.

It just doesn’t get better than this for me.

Try it out.

Let me know what you think. My son, Joe, who is vegan, told me that the Cinnamon Twist product has no real cinnamon in it.

That was a bit depressing… but I can’t stop eating those bad boys after lunch and dinner with milk.

Again, and again, an incredible sweet rush washed down with ice cold milk!

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