September election showdown

Alcy v McGonagle Measures Power of New Everett Rising Over Old Everett

Rep Joe McGonagle at Glendale Park. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)
Guerline Alcy at Glendale Park. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Representative Joe McGonagle will be facing city activist Guerline Alcy in a winner take all primary in September.

Alcy announced last week.

McGonagle stands right now at the peak of his power, with no candidate able to beat him for years despite some solid efforts being made.

Former councilor Gerly Adrien took him on for representative several years back and was beaten soundly.

Alcy will be the second Haitian candidate to take on the incumbent in what might turn out to be a significant race if both candidates get out their vote.

The Haitian community has been showing a great deal of political activity in recent weeks.

Revelations of the racist memes and talk by city officials and especially by Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s chief of communications Deanna Deveney have tended to unite the Haitian community.

DiPierro resigned in disgrace several weeks ago following two months of acrimony and public protest. Deveney did the same.

The dual resignations for racism aimed mainly at former councilor Adrien, and at Black and Brown people, have galvanized the more vocal components of the Haitian community.

At the last meeting of the city council, Haitian public speakers dominated the public speaking session preceding the meeting.

The vehemence and passion expressed by a succession of Haitian speakers, among many others, cast a growing spotlight on the racism Haitians believe they are subjected to by the largely white leadership at city hall.

McGonagle has managed to steer his way clear of accusations of racism.

However, many Haitians had expected McGonagle to speak out on their behalf.

Enter Alcy.

She is a powerful voice rising speaking out against racism and against the mistreatment and discrimination against Haitians by the administration and other elected public officials. Alcy is also well-liked in the Haitian community and recognizable following her recent run for an at-large council seat which she lost by a handful of votes.

For McGonagle, the race will be an effort to do what he has done successfully in the past, which is to make the plea to voters that he is the rep for everyone from Everett.

Alcy will present herself as the voice of the majority-minority city that is wracked by racial issues and spending issue related to race as well as leadership issues.

The Haitian vote is big. McGonagle’s base vote is big. Can one take out the other?

This will be proven in September.

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