Extend Tahiliani’s Contract


John Puopolo, one of the leaders of the political uprising against the DeMaria Administration’s excesses has written to all the members of the School Committee pleading with them to vote to keep Superintendent Priya Tahiliani and to extend her contract. The following is his message and two responses. JR

Good Day All,

I am writing to you in support of Superintendent, Ms Tahiliani, receiving a contract extension. She has proven to be extremely well qualified for the job she holds. She has assembled an excellent staff with her hires. The Superintendent has led her staff through some of the most challenging times anyone has faced in Everett even while others were working against her.

Coming into Everett’s education system, which has been in turmoil for many years do to the prior superintendent who you all know is embroiled in law suits because of his bad behavior, was no easy task. Ms Tahiliani has performed admirably under such circumstances. The culture has needed and continues to need significant change which she has proven she is up to the task and will continue to effectuate change as she already has.

Almost upon arrival she met Covid, a situation never experienced by anyone in her roll. With no road map for what to do in a pandemic, she quickly created her own road map with her Team to successfully maneuver through the un- precedented situation.

She is clearly considered above average by her peers as she was named the top superintendent in Massachusetts an extremely prestigious award. She is moving our education system in the right direction and must be allowed to continue to finish what she has started. She is very good for Everett.

Regarding politic pressures coming into play, I have read the 32 page MCAD complaint which has yet to be adjudicated. I have the deepest respect for this women who has been able to maintain such strong successful focus and performance throughout all the challenges Everett has thrown at her. Even to the point of being awarded and recognized by her peers as the Superintendent of the year.

Many of us see the politics at play, we don’t like it, we are very tired of it. Our superintendent deserves better than being treated as a political pawn. It’s time to take the shackles off her and let her know she is wanted and has a future role to continue leading Everett’s School system in the right direction. The future of Everett’s school system will continue to be bright under her leadership.

Please support the contract extension for the Superintendent.

Thank You for your time.
John Puopolo


Good afternoon John,

Thank you reaching out and your compelling recognition of our Superintendent’s achievements. I am proud to be on record in support of extending her contract.

Despite a pandemic, our Superintendent and her team laid the groundwork for revolutionary improvements to our district. While having to shift into a reactionary mode and deal with unprecedented issues such as remote schooling and increasing our technological capacity, she has not wavered from her initial goals, though the timeline certainly changed, partly due to the pandemic, partly due to politics. Our students deserve to see this through and reap the benefits of her vision. Our staff deserve the stability that comes with steady leadership and focus on the long-term planning that has already taken place. For all these reasons and more, I will continue to advocate that we extend the Superintendent’s contract.

Thank you again and have a great rest of your weekend.

Samantha Lambert

Everett School Committee At-Large



Thank you for reaching out to me, John. Superintendent Tahiliani has my full support.


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