From A Source Close To The US Attorney’s Probe

By Josh Resnek

The Leader Herald interviewed a source claiming to be close to the Everett probe being conducted by the US Attorney.

Here is what he told the Leader Herald:

“I think we know the probe will implicate Carlo DeMaria and many others in his orbit at city hall.

“We know that as they continue to dig there will be more and more information to ask for.

“We know the journalism in the area is to be heralded because what was once seen as biased reporting is now a chief source in the investigation as much of the reporting has been proven.

“And there will more to come about corruption, conspiracy, and retaliation.

“We know that over 50 incidents have been detailed and reported to the US Attorney by everyday citizens who are fighting for justice for the city of Everett.

“Every day Everett people “new Everett people” are leading the crush.

“New Everett people are people who recognize the reality of the community and they embrace it with love and pride.

There is a special pride to the new Everett folks.

“There are people on the inside of the city government who are less in favor of the mayor than we think and this will be revealed by the breadth of the US Attorney’s investigation.

“Rollins always gets her person,” said the source.

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