Has Mayor Defamed Himself?


The mayor has brought most of his troubles on himself.

One investigation after another.

And a huge investigation is underway by Massachusetts US attorney Rachael Rollins.

This mayor has faced sexual harassment investigations. At least four that we know of, that have been detailed by the Boston Globe.

This mayor has faced the highly questionable land deal investigation for the casino.

He didn’t make a great deal for the city.

It was a great deal for Steve Wynn and his cohorts.

The city gets $30 million a year in lieu of taxes.

Wynn Resorts picks up approximately $720 million a year in gaming revenues!

The mayor still faces the Corey Street property sale investigation.

The city clerk claims he was ripped off of $97,000 by the mayor.

The mayor protests that the city clerk is lying.

The mayor pocketed $180,000 in tax- payer money (so-called longevity payments) that wasn’t his to take. But he took it anyway. Such a nice guy. Our sham of a council has no teeth.

Only Fred Capone stood his ground crying out that those longevity payments were wrong.

Did the mayor know about the hidden cameras in the school administration building?

Another investigation is needed.

What really happened to the city council meeting tape when councilors verbally attacked Gerly Adrien and tried to coerce her into leaving city government?

Another investigation is needed.

The mayor has been charged with racism claims by the school superintendent.

Another investigation is needed.

And the biggest investigation now underway by the Massachusetts US Attorney Rachael Rollins is for claims of racism.

The mayor brought all these investigations on himself.

It has always been my belief where there is smoke there is fire.

It’s about time someone is finally taking a hard look at Everett politicians.

And Everett’s residents are finally waking up.

It is never too late to awaken.

Steve Pinto comments on all things Everett. He is a longtime Everett resident.

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