Draine Gains

By Josh Resnek

The city’s chief equity officer Cathy Draine has apparently moved into a key advisory and day to day work position with Mayor Carlo DeMaria, our city hall sources claim.

Cathy Draine shown accompanying Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

“She is writing his more important releases and is taking on a wider role in the mayor’s efforts to get the charges of racism, discrimination and retaliation under control,” said a source who wished to remain unnamed.

Draine is Black.

Drain is believed to be above the mayor’s chief of staff Erin Deveney at this point in dealing with a variety of issues the mayor is facing.

“She will do everything she can, and is doing everything she can to aid the mayor in preserving his leadership,” added the source.

“It is all about Deveney’s falling status and Draine’s rising star with Carlo,” he said.

Draine is apparently dealing with the racism crisis the mayor is trying to sidestep.

His former chief of communications, Deanna Deveney (no relation to Erin Deveney) resigned in disgrace with former Councilor Anthony DiPierro following months of political and racial acrimony.

Deveney’s position has not been filled.

The city has been advertising for a replacement.

For many months, Draine remained quiet and unseen at city hall as charges of racism, discrimination and retaliation swirled.

Drain remained quiet after the large protest against racism by hundreds of Everett High School students which shut city hall several months ago.

She did not demand that DiPierro, the mayor’s cousin, resign.

She remained largely quiet and unseen – except to accompany the mayor – when extensive media coverage of former Councilor DiPierro’s use of racist memes in his Internet communications with other city officials were published by

the Leader Herald and reported on by the Boston Globe.

Draine has become a strong presence on the third floor at city hall, where she can be found holding meetings and plotting the road ahead for the mayor.

“She is supporting the mayor,” the source told the Leader Herald.

“How long that support will last is the question,” he added.

Draine served as the Director of Resident Services/Executive Director for UHM Properties. Since 2020, she had been the Director of Community Engagement and Political Action for the State Police Association of Massachusetts.

She is a Hollins University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in History.

She also holds a Masters of Arts from Emerson College and from Brandeis University.

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