Are They Protected?

The common and oft repeated belief among the cognoscenti here that the mayor and others at the center of the political and racial storm now being investigated by the US Attorney believe that the FBI is protecting the mayor and a few others.

Preposterous, you say? Not at all.

Protected from what and why, we wonder?

Obviously, we have no real idea who the FBI protects and who the FBI doesn’t protect except to say – when bad actors are allowed to lead without impunity, questions always arise about how such a situation is left to exist when in other places, such behavior is vigorously prosecuted.

Next door to us, in the Chelsea of yesteryear, gangsters were allowed the run of the city during the 1980’s, and this included a succession of Chelsea’s mayors.

Many residents in that city, and leaders who were not part of the crime, the payoffs and the corruption never thought the FBI was allowing such behavior.

Time has proven otherwise.

Those of us who covered the carnival of crime alive in Chelsea at that time never understood what the hell was actually going on with law enforcement.

One of the king’s of crime in Chelsea at the time used to walk through the city’s major square on his way to the bank holding huge bags of cash almost daily, with the population in awe of such a scene. This swindler and thief was viewed as a legend, and as a celebrity. Not much thought was given as to how this guy could be so public about his illegal business when he was well known as Chelsea’s king of crime.

In fact, this man, now long dead, used to carry around a copy of the pardon he had received from the president for previous crimes committed.

The little people used to crowd around him and ask” “Show us the pardon. Show it to us,” at which point he’d take it from his lapel pocket and dangle it in front of their eyes for them to read.

“How did you get it?” they used to ask with fascination and glee.

“I got it the way I got everything I wanted. I bought it!” he always answered.

When crime, racism, exclusion, discrimination and retaliation are all allowed, and for years, there is a natural interest in understanding why.

The US Attorney now probing Everett’s city government all the way to the top, has the power to change the perception that many of our public figures are protected from prosecution.

Her probe will prove to have teeth…or it will fade into the dustbin of stale local history.

Time will tell.

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