Big Papi

The induction into Baseball’s Hall of Fame of David Ortiz was a giant moment for baseball and for the Boston Red Sox and for all of us who watched many of his finest moments during a long a grand career.

His first round induction into the Hall of Fame says a great deal about Big Papi’s stature as well as his popularity.

He was, in every way, what baseball fans and sports fans all over the world regard as a clutch ball player.

He wielded an explosive bat. He hit over 500 homeruns and he led the Red Sox to world championships.

Big Papi at bat during a critical moment of a big game rarely disappointed the fans or himself.

His unlikely rise from abject poverty in the Dominican Republic to become one of the greatest baseball players of his time should prove as an inspiration to many younger ballplayers trying to make it.

He never gave up on himself even after a slow start in the mayor leagues.

He came to greatness in Boston with the Red Sox.

His enormous charm and humility showed in the speech he delivered at Cooperstown in front of 35,000 fans and baseball legends who attended the event.

Many of us are left to ponder how empty our Red Sox lives have been since Big Papi retired.

The Red Sox have won since he retired but without his commanding presence, baseball in Boston just isn’t the same.

Our congratulations to Big Papi.

We love you. We miss you. You are a class act.

He showed it on his Hall of Fame induction at Cooperstown.

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