CO2 Supply Issues Cause Cutback At Everett’s Night Shift Brewing

By Josh Resnek

There is a nationwide shortage of CO2 for a variety of complex supply and scientific issues
we do not pretend to understand.

It is the same in Europe and especially in the United Kingdom where CO2 shortages have
been experienced for almost 2 years.

The CO2 shortage locally has just taken its toll at Night Shift Brewing.

Because of a sustained shortage of the gas, Night Shift Brewing reported over the weekend that it is laying off 12 employees on October 1 because there is not enough CO2 to allow the Everett facility to produce beer.

The Everett brewery will be moving a great deal of its beer production to Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers in Framingham and Isle Brewers Guild in Pawtucket, R.I, according to brewery officials.

CO2 is used by huge manufacturers processing food, soft and alcoholic drinks and is also used to stun millions of animals to allow for humane slaughtering.

It also extends the shelf life of food products, helps surgical operations and cools nuclear power plants.

Without CO2, the entire food and drink industry and energy supply would grind to a halt.

Fertilizer production creates CO2 as a byproduct and so fertilizer companies here and overseas are crucial to the production of the gas.

It is an energy intensive process. The rise in gas and oil prices during the past year has stymied the industry, according to a report published by NationalWorld.

Here in the United States, Co2 demand has outpaced production. Some plants have closed down. Others are operating at half their capacity. Some customers have been put on 50% allocations – a likely problem that Night Shift Brewing is experiencing.

The Everett brewery last week found out that its CO2 supply had been cut for the foreseeable future.

Nightshift Brewery is guaranteeing that all 12 of the employees about to be laid off will be paid until October 1.

The business remains sound according to its owners.

The supply chain issue for CO2 is another matter.

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