Alcy Neither Condemned Nor Applauded For Allegations Made About the Mayor

By Josh Resnek

Guerline Alcy stood up and was counted last week among the bravest of women making allegations of sexual harassment, racial discrimination and retaliation against the most powerful of elected public officials, Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Guerline Alcy

However, her moment of truth, following more than a year of hesitancy about making such allegations public, has met with silence from the mayor, from the city’s chief equity officer, from the city council and from the school committee.

Bottom line, Alcy is a woman standing alone, making serious accusations she claims are real about interactions she experienced with the mayor while she worked in his office, and meeting with no aid or public support of any kind from anyone who is in an elected public position in Everett.

According to Alcy’s closest friends, she was served or will be served by the mayor with a subpoena to be deposed by his lawyers as his response to her claims he exposed himself to her among other acts of sexual harassment during a meeting in his office with her when she was employed by the city.

Alcy was employed by the city for nine years before resigning in 2021.

The mayor did not comment to the Leader Herald about the allegations.

He is vacationing in Italy for several weeks.

In the meantime, Alcy is campaigning against Representative Joe McGonagle, in a race she says she can win and which McGonagle says she can’t.

The two candidates have met on the campaign trail in Everett Square where they confronted one another with mostly political banter between them.

McGonagle told Alcy in one such recent encounter that she never worked when she was employed by the city, that all she did was to complain.

Alcy responded by claiming McGonagle has never done a meaningful thing as the representative even though McGonagle often retorts to Alcy that he’s brought in incredible sums of money from the state to Everett.

Either way, the contest now ongoing is over on September 6. That’s just three weeks away – not much time for either candidate to rally their troops and to get them out on primary day.

McGonagle’s incumbency is a strong factor in whatever the outcome will be.

Alcy’s belief she can beat McGonagle is part of Alcy’s belief in herself.

She is campaigning every day.

Who will win?

We will let everyone know after the election takes place.

It is difficult to write accurate political history before the events have happened.

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