Family Friends: Man Stabbed To Death In Everett Died A Hero

By Josh Resnek

A Go Fund Me Account has been established by the family of the late Mark Luiso, the 45 year old Everett man stabbed to death neat to his home on Cherry Street by an unknown assailant late Monday evening – about 10:30 p.m.

Mark Luiso (above) was stabbed to death last Monday night on Cherry Street. Neighbors have called him a great guy and a hero.

The crime has shocked the quiet neighborhood and has caused many of those who knew Luiso well, who would do such a thing?

A number of news reports detailed bits and pieces about Luiso’s slaying.

Friends of the man who died are calling the victim a hero.

“He went down protecting his son. And he’s a hero in my book. He’s always been a hero in my book,” local resident Liz Stoddard told WECVB-TV news reporters.

Officers responding to a report of an altercation in the area of Cherry Street around 10:30 p.m. found Luiso suffering from an apparent stab wound, according to Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Everett Police Chief Steven Mazzie.

Luiso, was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Luiso was a husband and father of three.

A preliminary investigation suggests Luiso was stabbed following a “brief altercation,” Ryan and Mazzie said. But neighborhood residents where the deadly attack occurred de- scribed a more chaotic scene.

“There was a lot of screaming, there was a lady sitting in the middle of the street, screaming,” Gaetano Denaido told WCVB.

“I heard ear piercing screeches, just screaming, ‘Somebody help him, please! We have to save him!’” said Linda O’Brien.

Neighborhood residents claiming to have witnessed some aspects of the stabbing say Luiso was trying to protect one of his children.

How the incident may have escalated into lethal violence, authorities are not saying.

At Luiso’s home, his prized vintage Chevy Monte Carlo is parked in its usual spot, but its owner is gone

The death leaves a major void for those who knew Mark Luiso and who lived close to him and his family in the crowded but friendly neighborhood.

“He just loved life. He loved his family and friends, everybody. He was just an all-around wonderful person. And this should not have happened. Senseless, senseless,” said Cherry Street neighbor Lisa Hogan.

“He was a very hard working guy, very respectful. Never hurt anyone,” said Mike Ricci. “Who in the neighborhood would do something like that?” he wondered.

Police investigating his death are wondering the same thing.

If there are any leads, police are remaining closed mouth about them as the investigation into Luiso’s death is ongoing.

The Middlesex County District Attorney’s office will not comment comment on the circumstances that that led up to the deadly stabbing.

This homicide on Cherry Street was the second in Everett within two weeks.

A shooting death of a Central Street man was solved by police.

A prime suspect has been arrested. Police believe the Central Street homicide was a crime of passion.

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