Massachusetts Gaming Commission Issues $25,000 Fine To Big Night Entertainment

Memoire night club receives civil administrative penalty following multiple alcohol overservice

Special to the Leader Herald

The Investigations and Enforcement Bureau (IEB) of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has issued a $25,000 fine to Big Night Entertainment Group, the operators of Memoire, a night club on the premises of the Encore Boston Harbor (EBH) casino. The fine is a result of multiple instances of noncompliance with alcohol service requirements from October 2021 through June 2022.

In accordance with the gaming law and regulations, the IEB has assessed Memoire with a civil administrative penalty in the agreed-upon amount of $25,000 following violations of alcohol service requirements on five separate occasions.

In addition, the IEB has required Memoire to complete a corrective action plan, including staff training, adjusted bottle and alcohol service policies, more manager oversight, and on- going pre-shift briefings for staff ahead of the night club opening for business each night.

Memoire has cooperated with the IEB and was an active participant in developing the corrective actions. Memoire also agreed to pay the fine in the assessed amount. By agreeing to the assessed penalty, Memoire waived its right to appeal this matter in an adjudicatory hearing.

The IEB also issued a directive to EBH to take measures to ensure that Memoire is in compliance with alcohol service regulations and policies, including reviewing incidents for potential alcohol overservice and conducting quarterly audits for compliance with alcohol service requirements. EBH has expressed its commitment to ensuring compliance.

“The IEB takes seriously its role in regulating alcohol service to ensure the safety of patrons, staff, and the public,” said Heather Hall, the IEB’s Chief Enforcement Counsel. “We appreciate that Big Night Entertainment has agreed to take steps to address the issues that led to this fine, and the IEB and EBH will be working closely with them to ensure that the agreed-upon corrective action plan is successful.”

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