Mexican Food A Delight Every Time

By Josh Resnek

Mexican food is not one of the staples of my diet. But every now and then, more now than then, Mexican food delights as no other in a big way for me.

My favorite treat is shown above in this photograph I took of twin soft tacos at the Tacos Lupita restaurant in downtown Lynn.

The taco is a very basic item done very well by nearly every Mexican restaurant serving them.

They are especially fabulous at Tacos Lupita.

I do not eat much meat anymore but when I’m starved, as I was recently, I ordered up two beef tacos.

The warm tacos – doubled up soft tacos – into which tender chopped beef is place generously makes for a great beginning to this Mexican staple.

What follows is a bit like the Holy Grail of Mexican food – pico de gallo – heaped generously atop the beef.

Truth be known, I always order extra pico de gallo because it is so so tasty and damned good when it is fresh.

Pico de gallo is basically a salsa.

Pico de gallo is chopped tomatos, onions, lime juice, cilantro, black pepper. Jalepeno pepper is added for those wishing a more spicy taco.

I always order extra pico de gallo. Why? Because the more chopped onions and tomato I can into my mouth with the beef and soft taco, the better it tastes to me.

I also have the rather insane belief that by eating so much pico de gallo, the negative aspects of eating red beef are mitigated.

How’s that for science!

The final topping for my favorite taco are hearty slices of ripe avocado placed atop this exciting assemblage of great tastes and textures.

One of the most delightful aspects of this kind of treat is that it usually takes less than ten minutes from placing the order to biting into this Mexican treat.

What to drink?

I can go with the Mexican bottled Coke or Fanta.

I always choose the Fanta. It is a smooth, sweet, delicious drink.

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