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Two Murder In Two Weeks

Everett was the scene of two gruesome murders in just about a two week span in different neighborhoods of the city.

One murder, the shooting death of a 38 year old man, has been solved by police.

This was great police work by Everett Police Officers and their State Police colleagues.

Solving a murder is not as easy or as certain as it appears to be on television crime shows.

One murderer out of the way is cause for a big sigh of relief. However, another murderer remains at large.

That murderer stabbed an Everett man to death late at night near his home.

He remains at large.

Stabbing deaths are even more heinous than shooting deaths because of what it takes for one human being to plunge a knife repeatedly into another.

Everett Police are searching again for another murderer and that murderer may very well be among us.

Living in the city has its up and downs.

Murder and violence are part and parcel of living in the city.

We don’t believe Everett is more unsafe because of these two crimes, but we do believe everyone must exercise added caution. The murders come like unwanted surprises to mostly decent people living here trying to mind their own business.

We trust and hope the EPD is close to getting their man. That’s important.

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