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The difficulties a candidate for District Attorney of Suffolk County is right now having after it was revealed by the Boston Globe that Ricardo Arroyo, a Boston City Councilor was investigated for two incidents of possible sexual assault more than 16 years ago, hits very close to home.

Arroyo claims he does not recall being investigated or visited by police for the two incidents but records reveal he was in fact notified and investigated as the Globe reported.

He says he was never informed.

It would appear his difficulties recalling two serious incidents of possible sexual assault and the investigations which followed could derail his candidacy for district attorney.

It could cloud as well his future as a Boston City Councilor.

Here in Everett, we have a mayor who was revealed to have had a number of claims made against him by at least three women claiming possible sexual assault and harassment, and reported in detail in the Boston Globe in 2014.

In March of this year Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani filed a detailed sexism and racism complaint with the MCAD against the mayor.

Several months ago, US Attorney Rachael Rollins instituted a federal probe into racism, discrimination and retaliation against the mayor and his administration.

This probe is believed to be ongoing.

Two weeks ago, a former city employee who worked for the mayor for 9 years, a married Black woman with three children, revealed in a detailed article published in the Leader Herald that the mayor allegedly exposed himself to her in his office at city hall and that he allegedly repeatedly sexually harassed her and retaliated against her until she left city service in 2021.

The mayor’s response?

He has demanded that the alleged victim be deposed in order to possibly discredit her and to make it appear that she is the criminal and not him.

That’s how it’s done in Everett.

What is the mayor’s response to this litany of allegations throughout the years?

It’s all a pack of lies uttered by people who don’t care for him.

In Boston, Arroyo has been stripped of his committee assignments and chairmanships and the revelations in the Boston Globe have caused outrage among voters.

Boston will not support a candidate who allegedly abuses women and says he can’t remember being investigated.

Everett let’s this type of alleged behavior slide.

Those of us standing up for the rights of women in this city are castigated and vilified as haters and liars out to get the mayor.

Call it a tale of two cities. Call it what you will.

Can all the women who made or who are making claims against the mayor lying?

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