— Eye on Everett —


Private conversations about everything Everett between the mayor’s Blue Suit and Josh Resnek


“I very much wanted to fall in love this summer,” the Blue Suit admitted to me.

We were at the Roulette wheel at Encore Tuesday afternoon when he said that to me.

He was on a winning streak.

When we arrived he bet $200 and won and let it ride. He bet that and let it ride. He bet the $800 and won and let it ride, again. Now he was a up to $1600 – all black calls on the wheel.

Now he switched to red.
He let it ride and won.

In a matter of minutes, the Blue Suit was holding $3200. “Maybe you ought to quit and we should get out of here” I said to him.

“Are you nuts. I’m hot. You never leave the roulette wheel when you’re hot, Josh. What kind of chicken gambler are you anyway, Josh?”

He let the $3200 ride, bet black and he won again.

He let the $6400 ride. He bet red.

Bingo! The Blue Suit won again.

“That’s it for me, Josh. I’m cashing out.” He said to me.

He tossed the roulette guy $200 in chips, gathered the rest and we tried to get away from the table.

“Did you just win $12,000? Huh? Did you just win $12,000 a bunch of Blue Suit groupies sad to him, crowding around him, and most of them asking him for his autograph.

A city worker in the Everett DPW came right up to the Blue Suit and asked him for $500.

The Blue Suit tossed him a bunch of hundred dollar chips. “Have a good time, my man,” the Blue Suit said to him. That’s what the Blue Suit is like.

I heard one of the Asian fellows at the table ask: “Who is that?” Several people replied in unison: “Jesus man. That’s the Blue Suit. How can you not know who he is?” they added.

What a scene, the Blue Suit surrounded by admirers and hangers on at the Encore Casino by the Roulette table!

Only in Everett, I said to myself. Only in Everett indeed.

We walked to the Dunkin Donuts inside the casino. We ordered up coffee. The Blue Suit got a half dozen honey dip donuts. We sat down at a table for two.

He wanted to hide because so many people were pointing at him and I could hear them all saying: “That’s the Blue Suit, in person! Wow! I never thought I’d meet him in person,” several people could be overheard saying.

As much as the Blue Suit says he hates being so well known, he enjoys his celebrity.

As he said to me trying to feign excitement, “Do you know a Blue Suit anywhere who is as well-known as me?”

“Quite frankly, “ I answered, “I don’t.”

The Blue Suit gobbled down the honey dip donuts and sipped his coffee.

We talked.

“Winning all this money should make me happy but it doesn’t,” he told me.

Truth be known, the Blue Suit is the type gambler who enjoys making the bet, feeling the action, watching the ball roll more than winning the bet. Winning the bet is not as much fun or as big a rush as simply making the bet for the Blue Suit.

Losing the bet doesn’t matter to him so much as making the bet.

Making the bet is his rush.

I know a few gamblers from Chelsea and the North End who are like that.

The Blue Suit bought another half dozen honey dip donys.

We talked as he gobbled them up.

“I very badly wanted to fall in love this summer,” he told me.

“I’m feeling pretty lonely, all alone, by myself, if you know what I mean,” he said to me.

“Falling in love is hard, and especially hard for you. After all, who are you expecting to fall in love with?” I asked him.

“I was looking for a nicely tailored, crisp fitted woman’s suit, something like Taylor Swift would wear,” the Blue Suit answered.

“I’m also a sucker for Scarlett Johansson. Even though I live in an Italian household, I love Jewish women,” he admitted. “Megan Fox is a big turn on for me. “Natalie Portman is really hot. Jennifer Garner is gorgeous. But I don’t believe I have a shot with anyone like that. I mean, I know I’m very popular here in Everett, but in Hollywood, I’m just another Blue Suit, and an older one at that.”

“What should I do,” he added. “I can’t meet anyone to save my lapel.”

“Why don’t you try Tinder?” I suggested.

“I already tried Tinder,” he said.

“You know who I met?” he asked.

“Amber Heard – the woman who used to be married to Johnny Depp. I couldn’t deal with her. She just didn’t seem to be very truthful – and what a temper she had. I don’t even want to talk about it,” he added.

“Zendaya would be my choice if I could fall in love with any- one I want,” the Blue Suit told me.

“ I used to be really turned on by Angelina Jolie. But I think she’s stuck up – and besides – I could never have a relationship with her because of Brad Pitt. He’s probably my favorite actor and I’d feel like I was cheating on him if I hung around with Angelina.”

“I wanted this to be my summer of love. But it never happened. Never even came close.”

“So what are you going to do?” I asked.

“I’m going to stay strong and play the field. There are many Everett women out there who really like me. I just need to meet them, to charm them…and then to ,,,them.”

‘Excuse me,” I said.

“I was just kidding, Josh. I really want to fall in love. I’m not really interested in having sex.”

“Sure you are,” I said.

“And my name is Richard Nixon.”

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