McGonagle, Alcy and Marchese Battling in Primary Next Week

By Josh Resnek

Rep. Joe McGonagle, the incumbent, is running hard against Guerline Alcy, the challenger.

Alcy is campaigning daily in a type of political dance these two have been performing for much of the summer.

However, there is a fly in the ointment this year in the local representative race.

That fly in the ointment is Councilor at Large Mike Marchese.

Marchese is running for representative as an independent.

Following balloting on September 6, Marchese will be opposing whomever wins the McGonagle-Alcy race.

In a city where politics is toxic as well as interesting, Marchese’s presence on the ballot

has some potential to alter the final outcome on September 6.

McGonagle has the power of incumbency in his corner – that – and the support of the mayor and what remains of his strongest backers.

McGonagle is also well liked and affable. McGonagle supporters are inclined to come out and to vote for their man on Beacon Hill, and they will come out to vote for him on Primary Day.

Alcy’s candidacy comes off a strong city-wide showing in last November’s election.

She missed the at-large winner’s circle by a handful of votes. More importantly, she showed the ability to bring out her perceived vote, the Black, Brown and Hispanic community, women, and the Haitian community, which is her strength.

Alcy is very popular and trusted among Haitians. Haitians are a very large voting block in Everett – and in recent years, has grown larger. Alcy should draw a significant vote from Everett’s Haitian community this time around. McGonagle can’t be depending on the Haitian vote to return him to office again. McGonagle draws his votes from a wider voting community than Haitians.

Enter Marchese.

Marchese last November topped the ticket in the at large race.

During a long political career when he has been up and down and all around, Marchese is right now perceived a stronger candidate for representative than in efforts made in years past.

With Marchese drawing away older white voters from McGonagle, Alcy’s fortunes might be better than imagined if, in fact, the race is closer than expected or believed.

McGonagle believes there is no way Alcy can match his voter base and his public record. Alcy believes she is a position to topple the longtime representative. Her public statements denounce McGonagle’s record.

Both Alcy and Marchese consider McGonagle a do nothing rep.

Alcy’s recent revelations – allegations that she was sexually harassed by the mayor over a period of years during her tenure with the city as an employee – are believed to have some kind of effect on women voters, although such a thing is hard to quantify in a place like Everett.

Primary Day should be interesting.

We know hundreds have already cast ballots by mail or at city hall in the new effort to have voters cast their ballots earlier rather than later.

The outcome on Primary Day should be an eye opener, depending on how you look at it.

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