What’s Going On Is Anyone’s Best Guess When It Comes To Federal Probes

By Josh Resnek

Everett is where the politics of local government is hopelessly split and mired in an explosion of citizen complaints and toxic responses to issues of nearly every kind.

The extraordinary political events of March, April and May – and eye catching, jaw dropping events well into June and July have now been eclipsed by an end of summer doldrum.

The emerging major question heard dominating political discussions throughout the city among those who claim to know is the wonder about what, if anything, is going to come of the US Attorney’s probe into racism, discrimination and retaliation?

Does anything come of this? Does nothing come of this?

Do we believe the supporters of the mayor all agreeing that nothing is going to happen?

Or do we believe the exhortations of those who have been waging a very public fight against the mayor, and who believe the mayor’s end is coming nearer every day that passes?

Obviously, it depends on whose side you are on how greatly you believe nothing is going to happen or much is going to happen when it comes to law enforcement exerting pressure on issues most in need of law enforcement’s over view and possible action.

Racism, sexual harassment, possible municipal fraud and theft, discrimination and retaliation are all apparently being looked into by the US Attorney – or is it?

The mayor’s coterie of colleagues at the top of the city hall heap of the highest paid and most influential pretenders all agree – nothing is happening and nothing will happen.

The legion of outspoken public speakers now exerting great pressure on the administration to act on a variety of issues has called attention to just how out of sorts and hopelessly bent local politics has become.

Some perceive this moment as a fight for survival for the may- or.

Others believe the mayor cannot be touched and will not be touched.

Again and again the question is raised in the politically split, politically toxic environment – what is the US Attorney doing? Is her office doing anything? What do we know? What do we not know?

If you have been paying attention to former President Donald Trump’s trials and tribulations with the Democrat’s desire to get him indicted, one comes to understand that the Department of Justice and the FBI don’t necessarily let us know anything about what they are doing or what they have done.

We also come to understand that not everyone believes the FBI and the government – and with good reason.

Such is the case with the invasion of Trump’s Mar a Lago es- tate in Palm Beach, where recently the FBI stormed the estate and apparently removed hundreds of classified documents after presenting a search warrant.

Trump and his supporters have expressed the belief that the FBI showed up to plant evidence, or to remove evidence and to plant evidence among the papers they removed.

Is this possible?

Yes it is.

Is it likely?

No it isn’t.

How are we to know?

In today’s conspiratorial environment, where the truth is seemingly obscured and absent and where conspiracy theories abound, there is no way to know what is real and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, what is just and what is unjust.

Through it all, the government remains serenely quiet about its business.

Such is the case with whatever is going on or not going on with the US Attorney’s probe now ongoing in Everett.

We will likely not know what she has been doing until she has done it.

Some of those who claim to know say November is when the mayor will be forced to resign.

Others claim such beliefs are hopeful garbage carried as truths by those on the other side of the mayor.

In the split city, we have come to learn that anything is possible.

We know this, when the US Attorney is looking into you and your minions it is serious business for those being looked into.

What comes of the look is a different matter.

Everyone who claims to care is watching and waiting. Chief among those wondering what is next is the mayor.

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