Is There More Than Meets The Eye With Purchasing Agent Resigning?

Moreschi Leaving City Hall For Vine Street

By Josh Resnek

City Purchasing Agent Brian Moreschi, one of the mayor’s stalwart supporters at city hall, has resigned his position.

This was a surprise for many city hall employees.

The real surprise, however, is that Moreschi applied for and has been chosen as the School Department’s new and first Director of Facilities.

Moreschi’s duties will be to make certain the schools are maintained pristinely and that they remain safe, clean, well–lit, up to code student and teacher friendly spaces.

Moreschi’s resignation from his position working under the mayor at city hall is perceived by some as a major defection.

How, many wonder, can Moreschi work for Tahiliani, who the mayor wants to see replaced as soon as possible?

Did Moreschi ask the mayor for his best wishes?

Is he a plant?

Does Tahiliani know what she’s possibly getting herself into by hiring such a close member of the mayor’s city hall team?

That he is now going to be working under and for Superintendent Priya Tahiliani represents a major change of bosses.

Tahiliani is presently embroiled in a personal/ professional tussle with the mayor before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

She has charged the mayor with racism and sexism.

How does the mayor feel about Moreschi’s move?

Is he in favor of it?

Did he give Moreschi his best wishes, or are they now on the outs?

The mayor does not speak with the Leader Herald, nor does Moreschi.

We can only speculate about the dimension of the meaning, if any, of his resignation from city hall and his hiring by the School Department to a position of responsibility on Vine Street.

This is for sure, getting out from under the mayor must be a relief of one sort, and the cause of consternation on the other.

“Maybe he wanted to look down the road a bit and set for himself a new agenda with a new position. Maybe Moreschi was concerned about his future and made the move,” said a School Department official who wished to remain unnamed.

Moreschi apparently applied for a posted position.

He interviewed for the position.

He was, apparently, successfully chosen on merit as the best qualified person to hold the new position.

The question remains…will he be a Trojan horse on Vine Street controlled by the mayor and reporting to him?

It is more likely that he will be his own man, enjoying his new position and his distance from city hall.

Nothing lasts forever.

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