Primary Day

Having a Primary Day election that will not be contested by candidates who lose claiming they lost because of election fraud is an encouraging reality about the basic integrity of Everett’s electoral apparatus.

Or let’s just agree it is quite unlikely such a situation could occur, and hasn’t occurred in generations here.

There is often much said about those voting here who do not live in the city but except for that and evidence that several dead people have been known to vote in previous elections, elections here are clean and neat.

With newer voting machines, they are also precise and exact with little space to make claims about votes or batches of them being stolen, hidden, thrown away or the such.

In today’s America, we now have a situation where the former President Donald Trump insists the election was stolen from him – and millions of his followers believe this absolutely.

Since making this claim, America has had to take a closer look at our election process in order to judge its integrity.

However the detrimental part of this questioning is that the former president is using his stolen election narrative to maintain that any election he participates in would have to be stolen unless he is proven to be the winner.

In other words, he has set up a situation in which he cannot lose – and this is not the way the process works.

There is much to be made about the city government’s inadequacies but running honest elections is not one of them.

Your Primary Day will be counted as you wanted it counted. This is rest assured.

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