The Insatiable Need For Sweet Satisfaction

By Josh Resnek

A few weeks back I revealed that I had gone off my addiction to Oreos and started in with a new addiction to Hostess Cinnamon Cakes.

Well, I’m off the cinnamon cakes.

Now I’m on Reese’s Miniature Cups and Nabisco Sugar Wafers. Cold milk is a necessary supporter for this addiction to be fully satiated.

Let’s start with giving up the cinnamon treat.

After hundreds of cinnamon cakes and glasses of milk, I couldn’t do it anymore. I started thinking about how unhealthy it is to eat such treats. One of my sons told me the cinnamon in the cakes isn’t real. I think that got me off them.

The problem with kicking one habit is that it leaves a gap, a very empty space and a big need for something to replace the rush.

On a recent trip to the Market Basket, where Halloween products have been on sale for almost two weeks, I tried out to replacements for the cinnamon cakes.

One is an old faithful that my late mother used to put in my lunch for school nearly every day – Nabisco Sugar Wafers.

Hadn’t eaten a sugar wafer in probably 25 years – and then I started, again.

Dozens and dozens of sugar wafers and milk later, I can tell you this- they are a fine treat, a quick fix, and fairly light at that.

They must be eaten almost immediately after opening the package as they go stale in an instant.

Milk must be available, or hot black coffee, because you can’t eat these little treats alone.

Reese’s Cups are on and off pleasure treats for me.

The mix of chocolate and peanut butter is perfection and with the smaller bite sizes, this make possible rush after rush after rush.

I usually do two to three of these at a time, chewing them up and washing them down with cold non-fat milk.

This has always been a bona fide treat for all of us who love Reese’s cups for generations.

White chocolate Reese’s Cups are also a special treat but I am unable to find them everywhere.

Whether it is a Reese’s Cup or a Sugar Wafer from Nabisco, you’ve got the right products to satisfy chocolate and sweetness addictions.

Without the cold milk, these treats are useless.

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