Underneath Everett’s Scab You’ll Find A Lot Of Pus

By Stephen Pinto


Alleged Sexual Assaults.

Discrimination against women.

Back room deals.

Rampant crime.

Noise pollution. Logan airport and city construction.

Rats in the streets.

Seriously overcrowded schools. Already fifteen years behind building a new school. Favoritism of vendors and city contracts. Abuse of residents at Glendale Towers. Incoherent people loitering in Everett Square.

Looks and feels like Boston. Makes residents fear for their safety as well. City has no plan to help.

Wasteful Spending.

Overbuilding. No end in sight.

Seems like a lot of people have become used to the sneaky and dirty underhanded ways of politicians. I haven’t and never will accept it.

Many steal taxpayer money. Not outright. But they have their ways. Yet some do it for all to see.

They perfected the art of cover ups. And for the most part they protect each other. They know how to walk back their lying and stupid statements. They know how to pretend to care and to lie during election time. They know when and how to be visible and then disappear. They make laws that protect and benefit themselves. And they vote themselves pay raises.

If Beacon Hill can get away with just about anything then local governments feel they can too. It’s all built on corruption.

Take the corruption out of government and government will collapse.

We have the politicians on Beacon Hill to thank for decades of decay and mismanagement of the MBTA.

Just another example of inept, ignorant and inexperienced politicians running this state’s most crucial public services.

If you ride the T, make sure you have a Healthcare Proxy, a will and life insurance. And that’s not meant to be a joke.

Everett has a city council that is both clueless and powerless. Many on the council are just biding their time. Their better days are long be- hind them. They speak most always out of both sides of their mouths.

They are ineffective, lazy and ignorant. They lack the knowledge and education when dealing with today’s complex issues. Therefore they can’t make the important decisions to move the city in the right direction.

They fight against the very people that elected them. When instead they should be standing with them demanding more from themselves and the mayor’s office. They need to serve the people that pay their salary instead of serving only the mayor and themselves.

Serving the people means work. They don’t want to do that. And in a lot of cases they are not intelligent enough to do the work. It’s easier for the council to try and quell the noise of constituents rather than serving them.

So these members bide their time. Collecting salaries they do not earn. Building retirement benefits all on the backs of taxpayers.

What happened at Glendale Towers should infuriate all Everett residents. It should infuriate the council and the mayor.

But it doesn’t. Barely gets a sentence from them.

The same can be said for the violence occurring in the streets. It should infuriate the.council and the mayor.

But it doesn’t.

It’s time for many council members new and old to move on. Retire. Resign. Just move on.

Stop collecting a salary and building retirement benefits. Just move on.

Councilors Hanlon, Matewsky, and Del Isola. What these members might have been in the past they no longer are. Time to move on.

At least Marchese tries his best to fight alone.

The issues are beyond him. He can’t do it alone. He needs help. He won’t get it from the current members.

Councillor Alfred Lattanzi. The mayor’s “yes” man. Many of this family are employed by the city. Living on taxpayer money and building retirement benefits. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

Councillors Irene Cardillo and Stephanie Smith. I’m not sure why they ran. I don’t even think they know why.

Councillor Stephanie Martins is using Everett as her stepping stone to try and further her career. She too knows which side her bread is buttered on as she serves the mayor shamelessly.

Councillor Vivien Nguyen.

I honestly don’t know who or what she stands for. If politicians are collecting a salary, then at the least let taxpayers here your voice.

Councillor Jiimmy Tri Le doesn’t deserve a mention at this point. Councillor Darren Costa. The jury is still out.

I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t even bring myself to watch council meetings. Maybe the council want’s it that way.

Yet they have awakened many residents now because of their inability to deal with real human issues that affect our quality of life and the future of our city. A lot of people are comfortable to sit back and blame just one person The Mayor.

And while he is the major player in Everett’s sorry and soiled political arena, it’s time to point the finger at others as well.


Stephen Pinto comments about Everett’s good bad and ugly. He is a longtime resident of Everett.

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