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Fresh Off 600 Vote Victory, McGonagle Now Faces Councilor Mike Marchese

By Josh Resnek

Last week’s primary victory for Representative Joe McGonagle revealed he still has the winning magic with Everett voters.

He decisively defeated his opponent Guerline Alcy by more than 600 votes.

The citywide tally was 1,642-1,006.

In the final weekend of the campaign, McGonagle sent out a number of expensive citywide mailings that appear to have cemented his victory against Alcy.

Those expensive citywide mailings are a bone of contention for Councilor Mike Marchese, McGonagle’s opponent in the November finale.

“Where did he get that kind of money to make all those mailings?’ Marchese asked the Leader Herald.

“He spent more money and time getting out those mailings than anything he has done on Beacon Hill for the city of Everett,” Marchese said.

Marchese claims McGonagle is a “do-nothing” “blowhard” whose time has come. McGonagle disputes those claims.

He has repeatedly referred back to legislation he has co-sponsored to bring millions of dollars to Everett in state funding as the reason voters should send him back to Beacon Hill.

It is apparent that strategy has worked for McGonagle.

Now comes the campaign against Marchese or Marchese’s campaign against McGonagle, however voters wish to look at it.

Marchese has chosen to run as an Independent

After his signatures were certified months ago, this move assured Marchese a place on the ballot for the November election.

Marchese is pledging to run a citywide campaign to unseat McGonagle.

McGonagle is planning to do the same.

Marchese is coming off a recent citywide councilor at large ticket topping campaign in the last election.

He scored more than 2700 votes.

How the rep race will play out in November with the voters is anyone’s guess at this juncture in the campaign.

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