Grabbing (literally) The Leader Herald

By Josh Resnek

Shown above is what appears to be a city hall official wrapping his hands around the Leader Herald freshly delivered and placed in the newspaper rack only moments before last Wednesday shortly after noon.

(Photo by Joe Resnek)

Maybe the official was preparing to move the papers to another location, most likely a trash bin somewhere inside the hall, where these particular papers end up from week to week.

Maybe he changed his mind after he noticed a photographer taking a photograph of him grabbing the papers.

I think that is most likely.

He looked up at the photographer and decided it might not be a good idea to hall the Leader Heralds away.

After all, you don’t want to be a city official caught removing Leader Heralds from a city hall newspaper rack. This would indicate unfair behavior to some, theft to others.

It might also indicate to those unaccustomed to city hall protocol under the present administration, that Leader Heralds are to be stripped from their place in the newspaper rack as soon as they arrive.

This is a weekly occurrence.

They are removed from the rack by city hall employees, or so we have come to believe.

The problem with this policy is that the Leader Herald is delivered to each and every office at city hall after the initial pile is dropped in the rack.

City hall employees, in other words, cannot be stopped from reading their Leader Herald.

The Leader Heralds do not just disappear magically from the newspaper rack.

They must be removed from the rack and taken elsewhere.

Last week, I decided to have a photographer looking out for what happens to the Leader Herald after it is put in the city hall rack.

Sure enough, a possible culprit appeared, placed his hands on them, readied himself for the weekly “theft” but relented when he noticed a photographer on the stairs pointing a camera at him.

This is the way it is from week to week at City Hall for the Leader Herald placed in the newspaper rack.

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