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Overcrowding Robs Everett School Students

By Steven Pinto

It’s depressing to see that Everett is at least fifteen years or more behind proper education facilities.

The biggest pitfall is over-crowded classrooms. It’s difficult to teach and learn in an overcrowded classroom.

Education empowers people. Education keeps people out of poverty. You can become self-sufficient with a quality education.

Education can help keep people off welfare and other government assistance programs.

Education can make you self-reliant.

You don’t need to count on the government or someone else to support you.

Education allows you to be independent to make your own decisions. It can also help you to help others as well.

A poor education can lead to low self esteem and an unproductive life. It can even lead to incarceration.

Whether we want to admit it or not, overcrowding is robbing students of a quality education.

A good education can last a lifetime, but so can a poor education.

It doesn’t just affect students. It affects all of us.

City hall can work to put deals together to build a casino and dozens of high rise buildings. But we can’t manage to find a school to place students now packed into schools like sardines.

Pope John should be used to relieve overcrowding.

Again, overcrowding robs Everett’s school students.

Where are our priorities?


Steven Pinto writes about city issues. He is a longtime resident of Everett.

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