Wehner Park Movie Theatre

Everett resident and local photojournalist Katy Rogers (above) leans on the newly-installed movie trellis she helped bring to Wehner Park. (Katy Rogers Photo)

Special to the Leader Herald

After months of planning, the outdoor movie theatre trellis is being installed at Wehner Park and should be functional this month.

“As a member of the Everett Cultural Council, I am hoping to creatively enhance our community spaces,” said Everett resident Katy Rogers, who worked tirelessly to bring the outdoor theatre setup to one of Everett’s public spaces.

Rogers collaborated with Everett DPW to bring the outdoor theatre to life.

The structure has discreet hooks which allow a screen to be attached, transforming an ordinary trellis into an outdoor movie theatre experience in a matter of seconds. After dark, a projector can be used to show movies, play video games, or be a creative canvas. By day, it’s a tool for growing vertical plants.

“Once created in Wehner Park, my hope would be for this piece to continue to inspire other artists and creatives as they see fit while bringing people outside. In addition to a theatre, it can be a centerpiece for community gatherings, a backdrop for photos, an arch for weddings, a stage for performing arts, a place to hold banners, or even a beer garden for adults. A table can also be put in between the two posts, transforming it into a vegetable stand. The possibilities are only limited to the imagination,” said Rogers.

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