Will Alcy Charge Mayor In Court With Exposing Himself To Her?

By Josh Resnek

Guerline Alcy has charged Mayor Carlo DeMaria with exposing himself to her inside his city hall office while she was employed by the city. The allegations by the married mother of three children against the mayor have not been publicly denied or acknowledged by the mayor.

The mayor has turned to attorneys he is presently using in a law suit to subpoena Alcy in the hope of questioning her about her allegations.

Alcy has hired legal counsel, apparently.

Alcy has alleged that she was sexually assaulted as well as harassed and discriminated and retaliated against.

Alcy is Black. She was born in Haiti. She has lived in Everett for two decades.

Her legal counsel is presently bringing himself up to speed with the allegations, which were published in the Leader Herald three weeks ago, according to sources familiar with the case.

Alcy alleged that she was sexually harassed by the mayor repeatedly and overlooked for higher positions during the course of her nine year employment with the city.

In addition to allegedly exposing himself to her, she claims the mayor came on to her, tried to kiss her in the city hall elevator and made charged comments to her that made her feel uncomfortable.

She resigned her city position in 2021. What are her options?

She can go to court and file a criminal complaint against the mayor.

She can look the other way and forget about it and it becomes just another sexual harassment allegation against the mayor among at least three others, as reported by the Boston Globe.

This is known – Alcy will be questioned by the mayor’s attorneys at a deposition in the near future it is likely.

The mayor’s attorneys are duty bound to make every effort to dispute and to discredit the claims she has lodged against the mayor.

Alcy has not spoken with the Leader Herald since the interview she gave at her home last month.

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