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McGonagle vs Marchese

The most interesting political race coming up in November, bar none, is Rep. Joe McGonagle versus Councilor at Large Mike Marchese.

Marchese is running as an Independent.

McGonagle is an incumbent Democrat.

McGonagle can be expected to do his thing, which has been the cause of his repeated success in the past three elections.
He has proven himself not unbeatable, but very hard to beat. Marchese will discover this as he goes about his business trying to undo McGonagle.

Marchese is on a bit of a high right now.

His public support for the former Pope John facility to be used as a school to reduce overcrowding has been roundly applauded by the new voices rising up here.

His topping of the ticket last time out is another reason for his rise in popularity.

McGonagle, on the other hand, tends not to get involved in such matters as the local schools even though Marchese believes it is the rep’s duty to speak out on such matters of local importance.

Considering the depth of the state’s financial and administrative involvement in Massachusetts public schools, the case can be made that McGonagle, or anyone who is a rep needs to be speaking up and out for the kids of Everett.

We know this, McGonagle will campaign hard.

We trust and we hope that McGonagle will not allow former City Councilor Anthony DiPierro, who resigned in disgrace for his racist mongering, to be with McGonagle.

Marchese has already begun a personal campaign he is financing.

He claims McGonagle has sold out to special interests.

Whatever the case may be, this race for rep will prove to be the most interesting on the ballot.

That’s for sure.

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