The Patriots

The Patriot’s victory Sunday came as a pleasant surprise to New England football fans who had been led to believe that the Patriots were done following their first game loss of this new season.

We would like to think that Sunday’s win would put a muffler on the noise coming from sports talk radio hosts and newspaper sports columnists insisting that the Pat’s win was a disappointment.

It could have been a better game.

The Pats could have won by more.

Even though the Pats won, all is not well.

And on and on they go from nothing to nowhere.

Where we come from, a win is a win is a win.

There is not much wrong with a win when nearly everyone but the most die-hard fans were expecting the Patriots to lose.

Yet we are bombarded with the Monday morning quarterbacks trying to prove their theories that this Patriots win was not what is might have been.

We repeat – a win, is a win, is a win.

To not appreciate a win is to not appreciate the single most important thing about the game of football, which is, winning.

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