Smith claims city paying Wellness Center vendors for services not provided

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Stephanie Smith demanded answers that left the mayor’s chief of staff Erin Deveney tongue tied regarding the city paying vendors who pocketed city money for doing nothing in return.

The generally monotonic and loquacious chief of staff appeared unable or unwilling to give Smith the answers she asked for.

Smith detailed her personal visits and questioning of staff at the Wellness Center which presented a picture of financial irresponsibility and lack of city oversight.

“There are vendors being paid by the city who are not providing services paid for by the city,” she told Deveney.

“How many more contracts is this happening with?” she asked.

Deveney couldn’t even answer when the Wellness Center opens and closes.

Councilor Darren Costa expressed concerns about certain elements of the city’s contract with a third party vendor which is apparently not being monitored presently.

“I am concerned about what’s going on. I don’t like third party branding. Value added services need to come back to the city,” he added.

The Wellness Center has been used as a receptacle for the mayor’s political hacks and cronies.

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