The Patriots, again

The Patriots lost convincingly.

What to make of it?

First, we would remind Pats fans and our readers that the NFL season is a long run. Nothing is settled for sure after three games. What is certain is this – the Pats don’t presently have their act together.

Too many mistakes. Too many interceptions and turnovers and penalties.

And now Mc Jones is a question mark after hopping off the field like a rabbit with a sprained ankle.

If you listen to talk radio, there was a great discussion about what was wrong with this last Pat’s game.

“They couldn’t neutralize one player and they lost because of that,” said a commentator.

I thought about it – and the commentator was right.

The Pat’s were unable to stop Raven’s quarterback Lamar Jackson from running with the ball and making key plays.

He should have been stopped at all costs. He wasn’t. Jackson’s running was the whole difference in the loss.

So too was Jones’ inconsistency.

The Pat’s looked good for three quarters and then collapsed.

Let’s hope for a better outcome against the Packers next week.

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