Why does the city refuse to bring justice to an Everett woman allegedly raped by a firefighter?

By Wendy Poste

Every woman in this city should demand justice as I am demanding justice after being raped by a former Everett firefighter who was a convicted sex offender and who was given an award for his service by the EFD.

He served for years and years and everyone in a position of power here knew this and did nothing and have continued to do nothing.

The city of Everett and its entire leadership allowed a firefighter who was convicted of Indecent Assault and Battery of a child under the age of 14, placed on probation for 3 years and a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE continue working in a position of trust thus distracting the rest of the firefighters who are focused on protecting our City is heinous!

This evil person was sent to his car more than once during his years to “distract him from his urges”! Had this been dealt with swiftly and fairly in 1997, it would have saved me from living a nightmare. This firefighter drugged and raped me, and I had no idea at all that he was a monster! I have nightmares regularly, and there are days that my PTSD takes over and I am unable to function……. all because City Government chose to ignore the facts presented to them. Two police chiefs, two fire chiefs and four mayors chose to ignore this situation. Shame on the entire City! Will you choose to ignore my plea, too?

The Everett Police Department were notified immediately that this firefighter was an active sex offender; they chose to do nothing. Two consecutive Everett Fire Chief’s knew he was a sex offender and they chose to do nothing. One Fire Chief went so far as to nominate this firefighter for a Service Award while he was actively on the sex offender list. The fire chief that nominated him signed a form stating that he was not a convicted felon; the State Fire Marshal signed it. A situation that I had to bring to the State Fire Marshal myself to get rectified. The MA Department of Fire Services Commission met and read through the facts and immediately rescinded the award. Still the City of Everett did nothing.

I am certain that if it was your daughter, sister, aunt, mother or grandmother who this monster drugged and raped it would be a different story. Well, I hope it did not happen to them, IT HAPPENED TO ME AND I MATTER! My life is forever changed, and I must deal with this every minute of every day.

Everett City Council members are you going to stand by and do nothing, thus allowing this to continue or will you reread the City Charter and do the right thing? The women and children of the City of Everett deserve to be safe; they trust their police and fire personnel implicitly (which they should). How can you promise to keep them safe by standing by and DOING NOTHING? I implore you to come together and make our City safe. If you need any documents to prove any allegations brought against this person, I have t hem and would gladly share them. Sex offenders have no business in positions of trust, specifically the fire department and police departments. How else can you protect us?


Wendy Poste is a lifelong Everett resident seeking justice. She has reached out to Mayor Carlo DeMaria, District Attorney Marian Ryan and US Attorney Rachael Rollins.

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