Sliced Smoked Scottish Salmon To Die For

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

A Special Treat Every Time

By Josh Resnek

If you don’t like smoked salmon, skip reading this.

If you enjoy sliced smoked salmon as much as I do, and if you are as disappointed as I am by the varying degrees of quality for this item, then you should read on.

First of all, if you’re not buying Scottish salmon you’re very likely wasting your money.

As a salmon lover and aficionado of sliced salmon, there is no question that Scottish salmon rules.

I have bought Scottish salmon in a dozen places throughout Greater Boston.

Unless you are buying Spence & Company LTD Scottish salmon you are taking home an inferior product.

The Spence product is sliced thin.

The Spence product is sweet and succulent. The texture of the Spence product is soft and buttery without being wishy washy.

Also, most other products like this offer inferior taste, inferior texture, inferior everything.

I’m a nut about texture.

Many, many salmon suppliers package salmon slices that are tough or hard and bad tasting. Spence is everything but that all the time, every time.

The package shown above can be bought at Market Basket in Chelsea for $22.00 which is short money for a superior treat of this kind.

Shown above is a slice of toast spread with Philadelphia cream cheese (about $3.50 at Market Basket), and chopped scallion, which sells for $1.89 for its standard size package.

Lay a tender tasty slice of Spence salmon on top of that, raise it up to your mouth and take a bite.


A veritable Fourth of July of taste. Voila!

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