When Residents Stand Up City Hall Must Listen

The above guest editorial reveals the strength of citizen participation in the goings on at city hall and throughout the neighborhoods.

The rising up of concerned citizens, concerned they are not being listened to or included in the decisions made by the city government has changed the political game played here for years and years.

The new awareness and the willingness to speak out in public despite the fear and likelihood of retaliation is a game changer in how business is done here.

For years and years, the mayor and his paid employees have given little about what the public thinks.

Like the true sneaks they are, they pretend to follow all the rules and laws in carrying out the mayor’s policies and they never speak out about racism, sexism, municipal corruption or what former Councilor Fred Capone calls, “fraud and theft.”

Personal agendas sped in front of common sense and in doing the right thing.

The rising up of a wave of emboldened public speakers at city council and school committee meetings, and their zealous investigations into how the city spends and mis-spends taxpayer money has translated into power.

The guest editorialist Mr. Rafael Mares has written brilliantly about how his company acts when confronted by the public.

Now let’s see if the city follows his righteous lead.

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