Mayor Scores $31,125 At Fundraiser

Leader Herald Staff

The mayor asked for donations to pay for legal fees to protect his reputation.

A recent fundraiser held by Mayor Carlo Demaria at Anthony’s in Malden netted his campaign account $31,250 according to filings his campaign committee made with the Office of Campaign and Finance.

This does not compare with the fundraisers held during the run-up to the last November election, which produced about $420,000 in campaign contributions – an incredible amount of money, nearly all of which was spent in his re-election effort against former Councilor Fred Capone.

A small group of protesters, about a dozen men and women carrying signs indicating their displeasure with the mayor, greeted all those entering Anthony’s. When the mayor arrived, he chose not to enter through the front door where the protesters were gathered.

The mayor chose a back door entry to his time. It is a believed a good amount of the funds raised will go to pay for legal representation owed to attorneys representing the mayor in his defamation lawsuit against City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and the Leader Herald.

As of 10/3/22, the mayor has paid $113,905 to Saul Ewing and Partners Attorneys.

The mayor’s campaign account had a balance of about $10,000 before the recent fundraiser, however it is believed much of the funds he raised will go to attorney’s expenses for his law suit.

In mailings to contributors and supporters made to inspire them to make contributions, he indicated he needed the funds to pay attorneys for lawsuits intended to restore his good name as well as that of the city.

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