Trailers For Affordable Housing?

The mayor and his followers and even our state delegation should consider trailers for affordable housing.

If trailers are as good as they describe them to be for Everett’s public school children, then they’d likely be perfect for affordable public housing, and in much larger numbers than what was proposed for the Pope John site.

Voters and residents must remember this: the mayor has allowed about 5,000 units of new construction during the past decade, and until St. Theresa’s came along, there was not a single unit of affordable housing.

In neighboring Chelsea, about the same number of new housing units have been built, but in that city more than 3,000 of those units have been built as affordable housing.

Again, if trailers are as good as the mayor and his crew suggest, then they certainly are just as good to be used for affordable housing.

The trailers could be put all over the city!

They could be put at Glendale Park, and Florence Street Park. They’d look good at Wehner Park across from Pope John. They might even be well placed at Everett Memorial Stadium. There’s so much room there for trailers. They could be put be- hind the South endzone by the scoreboard.

What a nice touch that would be!

Maybe Councilor Richard Dell Isola could commission a study and he could do this with School Committeeman Mike McLaughlin.

Think of what those two could come up with!

Everett could become known as the affordable trailer park housing center of Massachusetts – and wouldn’t the mayor be proud of that.

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