Where Do They Stand?

Our Beacon Hill delegation has been unheard and unseen regarding the debate about public school overcrowding here.

Protest as they are sure to do about the above statement, they seem to be watching from a faraway place as the future of public school education hangs in the balance.

Make no mistake – overcrowding of our public schools isn’t just an Everett issue, it is at its very core, a state house issue.

Many cities are suffering from the same problems afflicting Everett in the public schools.

Our state house delegation should be out in the forefront of this fight – but they aren’t. If they are, they are keeping their efforts a best kept secret.

We suppose they will line up with the mayor to suggest that trailers for the kids is the best possible option.

Again, this would be a crime with the Pope John facility available.

At the very least, their voices being heard would mean something to residents here.

Public school education is funded largely by the state of Massachusetts.

For our delegates to the state house to remain quiet during this time of public discussion about what is best as a next step to reduce overcrowding here is suspect.

Why have they not appeared to have their say about this at public meetings?

Are they clueless? Do they care? Or are they more concerned about doing the mayor’s bidding rather than doing their own?

One of the key reasons Mike Marchese’s run for state rep has some meaning is because he has been unafraid to state his case about overcrowding and where he stands unequivocally.

In this way, he shows he gets it. He understands the importance of being a state house voice when there is a crisis.

Those already there should be doing the same – but they aren’t.

They should be asked why not.

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