Everett On Steroids

From a closely knit community to a city of clueless renters

By Stephen Pinto

Not many units of affordable housing in this mass construction. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

These new enormous box buildings slicing through our neighborhoods are ugly and unattractive. A lot of them look like big square boxes with windows.

It’s Everett on steroids.

After attending a planning board meeting, it became clear the only people in favor of these enormous structures are the developers and the unions.

Some proposed projects are too small to offer affordable housing. So much for our politicians caring about affordable housing.

The mayor stated he’s concerned about affordable housing. Yet he invites developers to build and push residents and homeowners out
of the city.

The mayor stated he’s concerned about Everett school children getting a good education. Yet we are 10 years behind building a new school. So which is it?

Is he really concerned or just spewing his rhetoric? He has a huge credibility issue.

Everett on steroids continues to get bigger and bigger box developments. Blocking out sunlight. Blocking out fresh airflow. Blocking views.

Everett on steroids creates traffic, noise pollution, overcrowding, drainage issues and gives way to a large rat population. These enormous structures will help create urban heating/global warming.

This is what happens to a city when politicians have no vision. Housing and education suffer. Too bad the mayor didn’t work on housing and education as hard as he did on getting a casino.

So If you don’t like Everett on steroids. Then move.

If you don’t like higher rents. Then move.

If you don’t like overcrowded classrooms. Then move.

If you don’t like rats, noise and traffic. Then move.

If you don’t like Logan Airport plane noise. Then move.

If you don’t like unsafe streets. Then move.

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