Schools Overcrowding Reveals Lack Of Leadership By DeMaria Administration

By Stephen Pinto

Pope John, old High School, modular or new high school, any way you look at it, a new educational facility is a few years to over a decade away.

These are all only band aids for solving the issue of Everett’s overcrowded schools.

The floundering city council after all their meetings and studies and speeches may be ready to finally do their job.

I think they have been afraid to step on the mayor’s toes. Who isn’t? After all he hates losing. And he will go after them if they dare to disagree.

Pope John was deemed a solid sound structure. Many updates are needed. At the moment this seems to be a more viable solution. It can be renovated quickly and done in phases.

The mayor was told the old high school is most likely a complete gut job, even possibly a tear down. Yet the mayor refuses to acknowledge edge these facts.

Modular’s are possibly a couple of years away. Still costing millions to configure and to build.

A new school is over a decade away. The cost could be $400 million or more.

Regardless what the decision is, Everett still needs a new school.

Education took a back seat in this administration.

These are conversations that should have hap- pened a decade ago, long before the crisis was allowed to grow to its full measure.

Why are these conversations happening now?

The politicians and the mayor have done a tremendous injustice to the Everett residents.

Both taxpayers and renters will bear the burden of this injustice.

Everyone was told by our politicians, once the casino was built Everett would be financially in good shape. Well looks like the joke is on Everett residents.

Where is the casino money going?

It’s going into Everett’s treasury. The mayor tells the council what he needs by way of the budget. The council hands it over. No questions asked.

School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani stood her ground at the recent council meeting.

She refused to allow the mayor to get away with his off the cuff and inaccurate remarks.

Themayorisdealingwithaprofessional.Not with one of his council buddies.

Kudos to the superintendent.

She deserves better. We all deserve better. The mayor was definitely not having a good night …………………………………………

Stephen Pinto comments on Everett issues. He is a longtime resident of the city.

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