Stephanie Smith On The Rise

Councilor Stephanie Smith has shown courage and leadership, and the ability to speak and reason forcefully during the debate over the Pope John School now taking place.

Her colleagues on the city council have taken notice.

The mayor has taken notice.

Television viewers of live streamed council meetings have commented about her willingness to say what she means without equivocation.

Smith is articulate. She is informed. She is very likely the greatest success story now serving on the council.

Many people have commented that she is surely a councilor who wants to be mayor.

She says no.

She can’t afford to be mayor. She earns too much at her job. Still, she brings to the council a strong new presence, an at times demanding presence.

She doesn’t like suffering the comments of fools and those who fail to keep their promises.

Smith’s assertiveness is helping to make her a rising star on the city council.

We urge her to continue speaking out – and not just about Pope John.

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