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What Is Better Than Good Bread?

By Josh Resnek

Bread is one of the key building blocks of any meal, and yet we take bread for granted.

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

Not me.

I’m real fussy about the bread I eat.

Also, bread must have butter – but the proper butter bit is for another article.

I love bread. I love bread and butter.

I love crusty bread. Italian bread. French baguettes. Artisan breads. Breads hot out of the oven. Ciabatta. Olive bread. Sourdough. Rye. Raisin and on and on.

Bread almost stale but still eatable when nothing else is around is always a savior when scrounging for a nibble in a home empty of treats.

I don’t like to feel overwhelmed by the bread I eat.

I don’t care for wheat bread or multi grain breads.

I was brought up on white bread for better or worse.

I don’t devour big clumps of bread. It is simply too filling, makes me feel fat, and in fact, can cause difficulties related to putting on weight.

So here’s the deal.

For my basic, very pedestrian bread needs, I am using Pepperidge Farms Very Thin White bread for sandwiches, for toast, and for late night snacks covered with French raspberry jam and a bit of Irish butter.

These extremely thin pieces of white bread toast up nicely, can be used for a very poor man’s French toast, and makes for a slim fast kind of treat with just a few slices of ham or mortadella or when used to make toasted cheese.

Mind you, this is not the kind of sliced bread to be eaten with a hearty plate of spaghetti covered with a rich pomodoro sauce. It can be done but is not nearly as satisfying as many Durum, as it is called, supplies Whole Foods at most of its North Shore locations.

I won’t buy Whole Foods baked breads. Too heavy. Not crusty enough. Simply too unsatisfying.

I have been traveling through two very different breads for my bread eating pleasure lately.

Pepperidge Farms Thin White is great if you need to feel better eating less.

The ciabatta is crusty, thick, and an absolute delight with butter.

You have to love your bread.

I know I do.

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