Brady faces a new reality

It would appear that Tom Brady’s magical world, a place where all his dreams came true, is beginning to disintegrate.

The ageless wonder, pro football’s GOAT, is heading in a direction we cannot imagine.

He is getting divorced. If you’ve never been divorced and if you think celebrities private lives don’t matter, well, they do.

Getting divorced is messy business and it doesn’t matter if you are a blue collar working class stiff or a multi-millionaire handsome football player married to one of the world’s most stunning women.

When you choose football over your wife and kids at the age of 45, you suffer when your wife tells you she wants a divorce. Or maybe it was Brady who told Giselle he wants a divorce.

Divorce by itself is not an easy thing to get through unscathed.

Far worse, we imagine, are the failings on the field this year which seem to indicate Brady’s football career is heading in the wrong direction, like a runaway automobile careening off the road.

Brady will find he should have quit when he was at the top of his game, not when his game is crumbling.

He will also find that staying with Giselle will have been preferable to leaving, especially for their kids – and for their own piece of mind.

Getting divorced is one thing.

Sharing kids is another.

Your football career in a retrograde mode is yet another thing. Recent photographs of Brady reveal him to be a bit gaunt and without much smiling.

He told the media recently he has used therapy in the past. Maybe that’s where he ought to head before his world cracks apart all around him, and he has to start all over, again, like us mortals.

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