Capone Endorses Mike Marchese For State Rep Over Joe McGonagle

Leader Herald Staff

Former city councilor attorney Fred Capone, the runner-up in a close contest for mayor last time out, and the leader of the opposition now confronting the administration, has endorsed state rep candidate Councilor Mike Marchese.

Capone said Marchese is the better man for the job now up for grabs.

“Since 2019, Mike and I fought to use Pope John High School as a school for Everett students to alleviate overcrowding. Mike continues that fight!” Capone told the Leader Herald.

“Mike doesn’t serve special interests or developers, he always puts constituents first. Period,” Capone added.

Capone’s endorsement is a symbolic gesture which finds the former mayoral candidate continuing his campaign long after his election loss by 210 votes last November.

Fred Capone endorses Councilor Marchese.

During that campaign, and as a result, it has become clear that the city’s voting population is nearly split evenly between the administration and Capone – at least that is what the tally proved when all the votes had been counted.

Capone’s endorsement of Marchese is an extension of his campaign to remain relevant and in the political mix.

The expectation is that Capone will be running for mayor, again.

“I want to thank Fred Capone for endorsing me,” Councilor Marchese told the Leader Herald.

“It is a privilege and an honor to be supported by a man known for his honesty and integrity,” Marchese added.

The influence on the Marchese campaign of a Capone endorsement cannot yet be measured.

“It cannot hurt at all. I am grateful for it,” Marchese said.

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