Former Everett Firefighter Charged Again For Indecent Assault and Battery

Leader Herald Staff

A former Everett firefighter who is on the state’s sexual offender list and who received an award from the Everett Fire Department while on the list was recently charged again with indecent assault and battery on a person over 14.

Albert Murphy, 58 of Salisbury, had his case continued without a finding for 18 months and was ordered to stay away and no contact with the victim after a hearing in the Newburyport Court, according to an article that appeared in the Newburyport Times.

Th hearing took place before Judge Mary McCabe and the case was dismissed at that time.

Murphy is alleged to have raped a local woman, lifelong Everett resident Wendy Poste.

Before that alleged rape, Murphy was charged and pleaded guilty to indecent assault on a person over 14 in Salisbury, where he lives.

Poste is seeking justice for the alleged rape.

Poste has also caused state fire officials to take notice of Murphy receiving a commendation after he had been placed on the sexual offender’s list and with the knowledge of Everett Fire Officials, the local police and city hall.

Local officials have not acknowledged the oversight.

Poste is seeking an appearance before the Everett City Council to make her case.

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